St-Bruno: Pilot killed after mid-air collision above busy mall 3-17-2017

At 1h pm this after-noon a 21 year old pilot was killed and another critically injured when two small planes collided mid-air above a busy shopping center in St-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, Canada. Public security minister Martin Coiteux explained earlier that the casualties are fatal in one case but the severity of the other injuries are unclear. In a surreal display, the wreck of a badly damaged airplane lays in the parking lot of the ”Les Promenades St-Bruno” mall packed with cars and people near a main entrance.

Following the very rare occurrence of this type of accident, the second plane ended up crashing on the roof of the shopping center in question. The ”Les Promenades St-Bruno” shopping center is located at the intersection of Highway 30 and Highway 116 in the small municipality of St-Bruno-de-Montarville located in Longueuil about 30 minutes from Montreal’s city center. The location of the fatal crash is less than two kilometers away from nearby St-Hubert Airport. One of the company involved in the accident is Cargair, a flight training school for which the website’s access is currently unavailable.

The direction of the shopping center ordered the complete evacuation of the structure due to fuel that was likely leaking into the mall. Emergency crews including firemen from the SSIAL (Services de Securite Incendie de l’Agglomeration de Longueuil), paramedics from Urgence Sante as well as police officers from the SPAL (Service de Police de l’Agglomeration de Longueuil) all gathered quickly to the scene. A large safety perimeter was erected around the scene, preventing people to disturb important evidences that will be helpful to investigators. The Canadian organism in charge of investigating airplane accidents the TSB (Transportation Safey Board) is on its way and will investigate the circumstances of the tragic events.

The crash happened during the lunch hour while numerous shoppers gathered in the mall under a sunny and clear blue sky. A large police van acting as a command center has been dispatched and is now parked at the scene of the crash. It is now believed that as well as the two pilots, two other people were treated for shock. Footage includes images of the victim of the airplane that crashed on the roof of the mall being treated by paramedics and firemen as well as audio from St-Hubert airport control tower in the moments prior to the crash and audio from SSIAL fire department from the moments shortly after the crash.