Why New Jets Could Destroy Airlines


The global aviation map is about to shift in a way we’ve not seen in three decades. New fuel-efficient planes mean that we could see a lot more long-haul direct flights. Bloomberg Gadfly’s David Fickling explains why that could be bad for the airlines.



Airlines will be fine, they are actually better than they have ever been. Point to point is the future and with the global growth forecast for air travel, major hubs can only take so much capacity before they bottle neck. Networks will change and adapt as they have done in the past to survive…the argument this video presents is far too simplified…the sensational media strikes again! Don’t lose sleep over this!


Well of course they’re better than they’ve ever been – The video suggested that we’re at an apex, but problems for hubs could arise as even you admitted – indeed, the point was that adaptation was taking place, not a doomsday scenario =x Nothing sensationalist about it, I feel 100% calmer after this presentation.


Myiphone5 As mentioned, valid points made in your reply and the one previous, but the underlying fact remains, this video oversimplifies a quite complex subject. Just because airlines can fly point to point on some routes won’t relinquish them from flying into the major hubs listed. Even Southwest and Ryanair with so called point to point operations, utilize “Focus Cities” throughout their networks – frankly, point to point and hub and spoke systems do not exist in isolation from each other. Airlines are aware of how their passengers move through systems of theirs and respective airlines and as such constantly fine tune/tweak flights to maximize their efforts. So, just because Singapore airlines can now fly direct to New York doesn’t mean they will stop flying to London or any major hub in between. Without delving too deep into this, as mentioned they will adapt…this is a game of thin margins and the airlines still here after decades of service have had to adapt through tough times ($130 barrel oil) to be here. So to now headline that fuel efficient long range jets will destroy them is quite sensational to me. Just my two cents.