OBAMA POUTS LIKE BABY while Miners CHEER! Trump just TORE UP Obama’s needless regulations restricting Coal Mining.


He said he would and he did! Trump checks another campaign promise off the list. WORKERS CHEER! Trump REVOKES Obama’s needless regulations restricting Coal Mining. (VIDEO BELOW)

On Tuesday, President Trump signed legislation removing the unnecessary restriction on mining and mine leases.  As always, the mainstream media immediately started attacking President Trump, saying everything from: “he will ruin the planet,” to “clean coal does not exist”. One big fat slob who wears a red hat and makes documentary films, tweeted something about this possibility causing the extinction of human life on the planet. Libtards are strange creatures! Too bad they are not on the endangered species list. (VIDEO BELOW)

Meanwhile, residents of small mining towns around the country are rejoicing that President Trump fulfilled his promise, and they at least have a fair shot now. Watch this clip. This is awesome. This is the miner that gave Hillary hell during the campaign! (VIDEO BELOW)

  • Electricity from Clean Coal costs four cents per kilowatt hour

  • Electricity from Natural gas has historically cost about fifteen cents per kilowatt hour.  There is a glut of natural gas wells right now.  However, these wells only last 10 years.

  • Electricity from Windmills and Solar Panels costs approximately twenty six cents per kilowatt hour.

  • BOTTOM LINE:  Electricity from Clean Coal costs only 25 % of the cost of natural gas and one sixth of the current cost for windmills or solar panels

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I don’t know if this will save the coal industry and bring back thousands of jobs or not. What I do know is that Obama put many of those regulations in place to destroy the coal industry, and not to “save the planet.”  What I also know is that when President Donald J. Trump makes a promise to the people, he keeps it. He made a promise. He kept it. Really strange for Washington, isn’t it?