LEAKER PLUGGED: The Latest Comey Confidant To Just Get Busted Will STUN The Nation



A new report from Circa claims that FBI General Counsel James A. Baker is under a criminal investigation with the Department of Justice for allegedly leaking classified information to the media.



Baker is friends with former FBI Director James Comey and was reportedly giving then still-employed Comey legal advice following the meetings Comey had with President Trump in the Oval Office.



Baker was appointed FBI General Counsel by Comey in 2014 after a long career in the intelligence services.



Three sources speaking to Circa under the condition of anonymity said that Baker is a prime suspect in Attorney General Jeff Session’s leak investigation. Earlier this week Sessions said he would be making an announcement about the leak investigation in the near future.

This news is only just breaking, so many details will be following, and we’ll keep you in the loop! But so far, it looks like we might have another major leaker down, and from the FBI no less!




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(h/t Circa)