Gorka Brutally Humiliates Cooper On CNN With Epic Take Down And Laughs In His Face

Sebastian Gorka made an appearance on CNN for an interview with Anderson Cooper. Cooper was starting to be very aggressive during questioning.

When Cooper homes in on Gorka and tries to use unsavory tactics to try to dismantle him on air, Gorka quickly realizes it and gives him a hilarious slap in the face.

Watch What Happens When Gorka Hits Cooper Right Where It Hurts:

“Do you know why the president’s description of a witch hunt is accurate,” Gorka asked. “Because there never were witches. And there never was any collusion. It’s bogus … Anderson, you’re like a broken record.”

“No, because I’m not getting any answers from you,” Cooper replied.

“I’m answering it. Every time,” Gorka said.

“No, you’re responding,” Cooper said. “You’re not actually answering because you’re not actually being up front.”

“Let’s let the viewers judge, who decided that you are now at 13th place in national ratings behind ‘Nick at Nite,’ which is at 11 p.m.,” Gorka said.

“You used that line on Monday, and you know, it was sort of mildly amusing,” Cooper said, grinning. “But I think it’s funny that you have enough time in the White House, which is apparently you’re so busy, you’re able to sit around [and] read Nielsen numbers.”

“No, I had really good prep from my team, because the White House press team is superb,” Gorka said. “I don’t deal with this stuff because I do have a day job.”

The line which isn’t covered above is when Gorka says:


Hilarious! Anderson Cooper was very salty when Gorka said that to him. It is very true that Cooper and CNN’s ratings are failing so for him to say that live on CNN was poetic justice.

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