Hannity Discovers Easy Way To Humiliate Rachel Maddow And Expose Megyn Kelly As Total Fraud

Sean Hannity just discovered the easy way to humiliate Megyn Kelly and close Rachel Maddow’s mouth forever.

Sean literally could not believe his eyes or ears as he witnessed a recent MSNBC report by Rachel Maddow that he called “beyond media malpractice.”

Rachel had on former Attorney General Eric Holder who was one of the nine votes needed to approve the totally shady and recently exposed Hillary, Obama, Russia nuke deal.

But Rachel didn’t ask one single question about what could be the biggest scandal in years.

Sadly, she is not the only media member who is ignoring this important story, a point Sean makes clear.

“The media is just barely, and clearly reluctantly, only now starting to cover this story, ” Hannity said according to the Free Beacon, “Here’s a perfect example, Rachel Maddow and her cult of viewers over at ‘MSNBC conspiracy TV,’ they had former attorney general Eric Holder on the show on Monday. She didn’t ask him a single question about Uranium One and Maddow has probably been one of the biggest proponents of pushing the false narrative lies about Trump-Russia collusion.”

Correct it is an embarrassment of the highest order.

“This is beyond media malpractice,” Hannity, “By the way, are all of you people at NBC News proud? Lester Holt? Matt Lauer? Are you guys proud of this? Megyn Kelly, are you proud of that reporting? Maddow has done a tremendous disservice to you, the American people, who deserve to know the truth in all of this,” Hannity concluded and the humiliation was complete.

Good job Sean.