After Relentlessly Bashing Trump For Months, George Clooney Gets Spanked By Middle America

George Clooney has been making the rounds on the talk shows to promote his new movie.

He is ever so proud of the thing and has been promoting it like mad.

Sadly, for the studio executives there is no amount of advertising that can overcome the ill will Clooney has brought on himself through his relentless Trump bashing.

True if the movie was actually good that may be another story.


But another bad, pretension, slow, dull Hollywood passion project from a guy who has annoyed half the country with his political views spells doom.

Absolute doom. For whoever was dumb enough to invest in this vanity project. My guess is Clooney and the stars Matt Damon and Julianne Moore found a few suckers out there.

As the new box office report from the Hollywood Reporter makes clear, Clooney’s new movie is a flop.

A dud. It has soundly been rejected by Middle America.

Suburbicon, despite Clooney pulling out all the promotional stops, is on track to make just $5 million-$7 million this weekend.

To add insult to injury, that is from a whopping 2,045 theaters. If the numbers stay the same throughout the weekend, it would make this the biggest flop Clooney has ever directed.

It would also make this one of Matt Damon biggest flop proving Trump bashing is contagious and not good for one’s career.

To add to Clooney’s nightmare, most critics have panned it and it got just a 38% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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